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Tuesday, 10 April 2012 14:47 Jennifer Devore Book One Press

Savannah of Williamsburg
By Jennifer Susannah Devore
KIMedia, LLC


What a pleasant surprise Savannah of Williamsburg is.  At first glance I thought a story about a squirrel who comes to Colonial Virginia, dressed in pretty frocks and traveling with a steamer trunk and a violin would not be my cup of tea.  But I’m game, so I started reading.

Savannah of Williamsburg, written by Jennifer Susannah Devore, is quite charming.  Herself a resident of Williamsburg, Devore is clearly steeped in the history of the town.  She very nicely weaves this into the story, as Savannah meets and is befriended by William Byrd, who proceeds to introduce her to the area.  She meets a cat named Dante, a generous tavern owner and a vicious dog named Petruchio, along with many other characters.

This novel is as much a history lesson as it is Savannah’s story.  Devore offers a thorough and authentic tour of the colonial capital.  At times it is a bit heavy handed, but a young girl reading this, or someone not familiar with Williamsburg, would likely not think so.  From the College of William and Mary to the capitol to Bruton Parish Church, a detailed portrait emerges.

The adventures that Savannah has are more intellectual than physical. She, Dante and the mouse Bartholomew conspire to prevent a duel, and Savannah dreams of continuing her studies. She yearns for knowledge and is devastated to learn women are not allowed at the College of William and Mary.  Nonetheless she settles in, and one suspects there will be more about her in the future.

Savannah of Williamsburg is a gentle story, appropriate for younger readers.  The characters are nicely realized, both the two-legged and four-legged ones.  Once one enters the fantasy of an educated and clothed squirrel, the story takes over.  Enjoy.

The book is Savannah of Williamsburg, by Jennifer Susannah Devore, published by KIMedia, LLC.

Savannah of Williamsburg: Book I Savannah of Williamsburg: Book I $14.95

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via "Lisa's List" NPR Review: What a pleasant surprise Savannah of Williamsburg is. At first glance I thought a story about a squirrel who comes to
Colonial Virginia, dressed in pretty frocks and traveling with a steamer trunk and a violin would not be my cup of tea. But I’m game, so I started



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