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Hey, Girl. 'Sup? Betty & Veronica: SDCC 2016

Monday, 11 July 2016 12:56 Jennifer Devore
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If you’re paying attention to comic-reference specifics on The Big Bang Theory you’ll note one franchise regularly takes a hit: Archie Comics. Jughead, Reggie, Archie and the kids at Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe might be beneath Dr. Sheldon Cooper; yet, he wouldn’t even take notice if Betty and Veronica took up permanent residence with him and Leonard … unless they sat in his spot. Clearly, Not-Dr. Wolowitz would absolutely appreciate America’s hottest sweethearts.

Admittedly, for Yours Truly anyhoo, Archie has been somewhat of a doof for decades. (Of course, so are copious numbers of comic book readers.) Never a moment of ennui with Betty & Veronica, though! Always trendsetters, always beauteous, regardless of the era. Well, the doofy ginger and his crew be undegoin’ a sea change, kittens; some severely need it, some just look even better with age. Archie Comics is taking the very sage opportunity of San Diego Comic-Con (San Diego Convention Center July 21 – 24, 2016) to premiere it’s newest franchise-complement: Riverdale the TV series.

In addition, on the Con floor, Archie Comics artists will be signing various new titles, including Betty & Veronica #1 with its supa kawaii, very San Diego-apropos, casual beach-happy, SDCC-exclusive, variant cover by Adam Hughes (DC Comics,  Playboy, Lucasfilm): $10. If that’s not enough all-American good timin’ for you, stop on by and meet the cast of The CW’s Riverdale at the Archie Comics booth when you pick up your new-and-improved B&V, or any number of new floppies. (Please, see full, con-schedule below.)
With a new TV series, sparkling-new Betty and Veronica, Archie, Archie Horror and a slate of fresh-from-the-vine comics, replete with contempo and classic characters, Archie Comics is set to take its place, once again, as the suburban cul-de-sac of America's fave teenagers, yet this time with a Millennial tint.

Riverdale Pilot/Screening/Q&A (Saturday July 23, 2016 6:30p-7:25p, Rm 6BCF) Riverdale will premiere mid-season on The CW.

Archie Comics Creator-Signing, SDCC 2016 Schedule, Booth #1829

  • Thursday, July 21

1p-2p BETTY & VERONICA: Adam Hughes

3p-4p NEW RIVERDALE: Adam Hughes & Derek Charm

4p-5p ARCHIE ALL-STAR: Dan Parent

5p-6p DARK CIRCLE COMICS: Duane Swierczynski, Adam Christopher, Frank Tieri

  • Friday, July 22

Noon-1p BETTY & VERONICA: Tula Lotay, Tom Bancroft, Colleen Coover, Adam Hughes

1p-2p NEW RIVERDALE: Adam Hughes & Derek Charm

3p-4p ARCHIE ALL-STAR: Dan Parent

4p-5p ARCHIE ACTION: Tyson Hesse

5p-6p ARCHIE HORROR: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

  • Saturday, July 23

10a-11a JUGHEAD: Derek Charm

11a-12p ARCHIE ALL-STAR: Dan Parent

2p-3p BETTY & VERONICA: Adam Hughes

  • Sunday, July 24

10:30a-11a RIVERDALE: Cast TBA

11:30a-12:30p ARCHIE ALL-STAR: Dan Parent

12:30p-1:00p ARCHIE HORROR: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

1p-2p BETTY & VERONICA: Adam Hughes


Check back here, and/or follow me @JennyPopNet @GoodToBeAGeek and Instagram for all the geeky goodness at San Diego Comic-Con starting Preview Night at the S.D. Convention Ctr. July 20, 2016!

P.S. For a full history on Betty & Veronica, don’t forget to head upstairs at the ConvCtr, to the Salis Pavillion, to pick up your official, 2016 Comic-Con International Souvenir Book! Our Miss Hannah (aka Jennifer Susannah Devore), hopefully, has her sixth SDCC article in this one: a 75-year retrospective of America's Sweethearts, Betty & Veronica! To read her past, published articles on Catwoman, The Simpsons, Hellboy, Peanuts and Tarzan, visit her SDCC Articles page at!






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