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Four Hours in Iceland: Notes on Exhaustion, Brain Drain and David Sedaris

Thursday, 09 November 2017 14:00 Jennifer Devore
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Four Hours in Iceland: Notes on Exhaustion, Brain Drain and David Sedaris

- loopy, jet-lagged scribbling journaled on layover at Keflavik Int'l Airport -

by Jennifer Susannah Devore

View from Loksins bar, Keflavik Int'l Airport, Iceland. Photo: JSDevor

20 Sept. 2K17

1:45pm - 5:45pm

8dg C. (outside, duh)


How many degrees Fahrenheit are 8 degrees Celsius?

What is the Icelandic currency, and how much is it worth? When "nachos" cost 650kr, what does this mean, to me?

Beer and Brennivin is what this pub, Loksins, offers. What is Brennivin? (In fact, a vile schnapps-like fuel that tastes like Scope. Blech!) My Internet connection is failing; ergo, I cannot research any of this

After over two weeks in countries where we speak the languages - Austria (fluent German), Dutch (horribly spoken Nederlands, yet enough comprehension) and Belgium (fluent French) - it is v odd to not understand a bit of the native language, here in Iceland. Hungary does not count.

American football is on the pub TV: N.E. Patriots vs. N.O. Saints. Neither GarBear nor I care.

(Note: If my writing style seems odd, to those whom are more familiar w my sesquipadalian ways, my Baroque, verbal-flourishes, I am currently influenced, this trip anyhoo, by David Sedaris. I am reading Theft By Finding: Diaries 1977 - 2002; his natural, unpretentious, diary manner has affected Moi. (See? Moi. There is some of the old, less tired JennyPop!)

Brugghus must mean Brewhouse. I see some Dutch in Icelandic.

Sidan must mean Since. Drekkist means Drink (formal/plural/directive). Iskalt means Ice Cold. I think.

8 degrees Celsius, it turns out, is 0 degrees F. No, not F. 0 degrees C is freezing, 32 degrees F. I can't do the math right now. I'm tired.

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