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Thursday, 09 July 2015 12:50 Jennifer Devore
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Kids, you've spent time in Vegas and you understand the polar difference between Vegas at nighttime, and Vegas in the daylight. Vegas at nighttime is a wild, weird good time full of sensory overload from which it oft takes a good week to recover. Vegas in the daylight, notably the early-morning, is unnervingly tame. Depending on the state in which the previous night left you, daytime in the desert oasis can prove almost too serene, with nothing to distract you from the headaches, blurry vision and all those pix and oh-so-deep musings you wish you hadn't posted. Except for the inner panic of Who the hell's spurs are these?!, daytime Vegas air is clear, sound levels are blessedly stilled and the culling and deletion of most photos has proved successful, mostly.

Preview Night at SDCC 2015 was essentially early-morning Vegas: placid and tranquil, yet with a whiff of the circus, (and who knows what pix?) to come. Soon, it would be Thursday, Day 1 of 4, and the noise levels would skyrocket, the crowds would bloat, the senses would fry and the silent screams of inner panic, upon seeing lines for Ballroom 20 -William Shatner reading aloud-, and Hall H -AMC's Fear the Walking Dead panel-, would begin to rise in earnest.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 19:51 Jennifer Devore
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If you've been suffering through San Diego's muggy, monsoonal vestiges this past week (Gracias, Hurricane Carlos), have patience; the discomfort is nearing its end. Although, today doled out some Virginia-style, late-afternoon, wicked summer thunderstorms. Of course, it's actually been better along the water, kids: currently 79 at Lindbergh Field with 73% humidity.

If you were smart, or dead, you could be haunting the Hotel del Coronado with Dr. Lucy and Moi. It's just kicky! Pools, beaches, bars, boutiques. Then again, we can't all be jazzy ghostdames living in a seaside, Victorian hotel. Now, for you other San Diego locals, and anyone headed to America's Finest City next week for San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (SDCC), fret not; our own Anchorman Ron Burgundy swears the 90-degree days with 90% humidity are all but gone and promises a dry high of just 74, along the water. (Adios, Carlos!)

SDCC (S.D. Convention Center, July 9-12, 2015) is back and if you're one of the lucky mooks with a badge, wilkommen! The annual Badge Quest is a hard-fought battle of Kroth. Year after year complaints get louder and stronger about the bonkers mindf@#& involved with gaining entry. To be fair to Comic-Con Int'l (CCI), they can't help being the prettiest girl at the country club dance and they seem to make great effort to ensure a fair event for all. After all, they must not only accommodate the masses, but the San Diego Fire Marshal. A string bikini can only hold so much flesh: ditto for the S.D. Convention Center.

Sunday, 12 April 2015 11:22 Jennifer Devore
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After-hours at any comic convention can get weird. Saturday night at WonderCon 2015 found our Wednesday Addams in quite the weird situation, indeed.

Sure, her doll, Marie Antoinette, has no head, but she's always had legs. So, as Wednesday sat at Mix Bar in the Anaheim Hilton, imbibing with good friends and fam, and felt a sudden thunk land on her boots, she realized la pauvre Marie's legs had dropped right out from under her petticoats.


What to do? Fixez ses jambes, bien-sûr!




C'est ca. La Reine Antoinette, elle n'a plus des jambes.

Special thanks to fellow Spooky Girl Beki Lane, of friendship and Rotten Tomatoes notoriety, for having the wherewithal to set down her G and T, grab her phone and chronicle the step-by-step demise of La Reine Antoinette's metal-hinged legs.


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Sunday, 12 April 2015 09:03 Jennifer Devore
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Like Waldo, something was missing, or at least hiding adeptly, this year at WonderCon Anaheim (WCA, Anaheim Convention Center April 3-5, 2015). Maybe something was amiss on the con floor: no behemoth media structures; no celeb sightings; no multi-screen overload; no roaming camera crews from the big-news outlets. Maybe something was amiss outside: no hordes of the gawking, general public, curious shutterbugs or looky-loos. Then again, maybe nothing was amiss and I misread the whole situation. Whatever occurred, as satisfying as WCA2K15 eventually turned out to be, something intangible was mislaid; and its absence left an energy-void, and not just for Yours Truly.

Saturday, 02 August 2014 14:26 Jennifer Devore
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"Normality" reigns once again: only the corset welts remain and, thankfully, those are fading fast. (Beach parties are never far off around here; always lurking in the shadows, like Homey the Clown with a sock full of nickels in a dark alley. Ka-pow! Guess what? You're going to a luau, girl! Damn it. Where's my parasol?)

Similar to Christmas or Hallowe'en, 'tis not just the actual week of San Diego Comic-Con that excites, 'tis the weeks of preparation and anticipation which makes the event all the sweeter. Planning travel itineraries, organizing in-town logistics, scheduling Meet-and-Geeks, making costumes and booth-lists, plus purchasing all the necessary goodies which accompany any upcoming fete is truly half the fun. Once the big day arrives, it's a nonstop party rife with too much fun, too little sleep and oft a severe deviation from one's usually healthy lifestyle: unless you're Don Draper, a body does not need that many G&Ts in a week. In Con-speak, the condition is known as Con Crud, as in, "I'm so sorry, sweetie. I would love to meet you in Vegas for your birthday, but I still have a serious case of Con Crud."

Fortunately, as we have luxuries never imagined by those poor slobs at the 1884 London Comic-Con (sooty lot), the crud doesn't have to linger too long. Geeksoap hand-crafts, and sells for a very fair farthing, a fantastic selection of, yes, geek soaps. Can't geeks just use regular soap? you might ponder? No. It burns our Addams Family-pale skin. Plus, GeekSoap comes in tantalizing shapes like the Millennium Falcon, TARDIS, game cartridges and D&D di, all to make bath time all the dorkier. There's even a relaxing, lavender bath mixture: Con Fatigue Bath Tea. Clean me up, Scotty!

Even the best of Comicchanalian carousing must end: a.k.a. Comic-Con Blues. Again, like Christmas or Hallowe'en, when it's all over, there remains naught but feelings of sadness, satiation and, in some cases, corset welts. Happily (or, sadly for some) there also remain photos! Thanks to our Dr. Lucy and her Canon EOS, we have a plethora of Poison Ivy and a wealth of Doctor Who, yet, oddly, a dearth of Darth. After you've scrolled through our slideshow here, find even more of Dr. Lucy's snaps at Twisted Pair Photography: featuring photographic variety ranging from surfing and skateboarding to The Renaissance Faire, WonderCon Anaheim and, naturally San Diego Comic-Con.



Briefly, as promised amidst this year's coverage for GoodToBeAGeek, a quick S/O to a few vendors of SDCC 2014. As longtime readers will already know, I love to treat myself at these things (all year-round, really) and help support artists as well as the economy, local or otherwise. After all, as I say, Mom can't buy all our art; we need others! As tradition dictates, I like to highlight those Con vendors from whom I purchase. This year's goodies came from the following:

  • Sighco (a.k.a. ArkhamBazaar): Lovecraftian Novelties & Other Weird Oddities: Poe and Lovecraft gear aplenty, mostly tees ... mostly. (In fact, a very special raven led us there. Thank you, Dante! We love and miss you dearly!)
  • JefBot: The True Sci-Fi Adventures of a Nerd in Hollywood: Led by the head-bot himself, Jeff Schuetze, Jefbot is an animated roman à clé of sorts: "a multigenre, multidimensional and multiethnic comic strip" following the adventures of a struggling actor/working graphics designer who is addicted to film, TV and gaming. IRL, Jeff and his cohort Joe are also the purveyors/artists of International Beatsro t-shirts, like "Mouthfuls of Madness Ramen House" and "Casa del Chalupacabra Restaurante y Cantina". If you find yourself craving a bowl of Ramen overflowing with Cthulhu, seaweed and spring onions, Jefbot's the right place.
  • The Bonebreakers (f/the artist known as "O"): Balls Deep: When Nobody's Weird, the Weirdo is You: Artist and publishers of "The Bonebreakers" graphic novel. My purchase? A whimsical portrait of Mr. Moon! (A character who would fit well within my own Savannah of Williamsburg circle of friends!) Mr. Moon is a portly, Holmesian kitty in tweed with a calabash pipe, mutton chops and, what I surmise is, a churlish attitude tolerated strictly due to his preternatural brilliance. I believe he also harrumphs a great deal, especially when dealing with underlings. Mr. Moon patiently awaits framing and I thank O for his creation, as well as apologize for asking him to sign Mr. Moon on the back, then on the front of my print. (Bellatrix, btw, does not apologize. She's quite mad, you know?)

Finally, if you’ve kept track (of course you have) … this girl's Hellboy article was published in this year’s official SDCC Souvenir Book! That’s #4, kids! Fun times! Past years’ books included J.S. Devore articles on Peanuts, Tarzan and Bongo/Simpsons Comics.

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