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The Darlings of Orange County

Thursday, 11 April 2013 17:21 Jennifer Devore
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Haven't read The Darlings of Orange County by Jennifer S. Devore, yet? You'd best get busy, before everything else in the book comes true! Apparently, it's all happening with frightening speed and accuracy.

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So, now Shark Guy exists. If you've read my latest novel, The Darlings of Orange County, you'll know full well the antics of surfer Ryan Darling and his beach-bum pal Pardo Phillips. Most of the time, Ryan and Pardo do little but scope wave action, hang out in Shantytown partaking and creating stoner-rock, drink Sierra Nevada and simply enjoy their blessed lives on California beaches. Unarguably though, their most notable moment in the novel (with the exception of their devilish, dark secrets) is when they kayak fish in the kelp beds off the coast of Encinitas, CA. Ryan hooks a gigantic Great White and gets dragged out to sea! Okay, it's not exactly the same as the shark action off Waianae, HI this week, but it's eerily close.

Novel-Shark Guy, Ryan Darling, ends up on theToday show and scores a book deal, befuddling his brainy beauty of wife, and struggling novelist, Veronica Darling. I've yet to see on which morning news show real life-Shark Guy Isaac Brumaghim ends up tomorrow morning.

There also happens to be, in real-life, a pro surfer by the name of Joel Parkinson; he goes by the nickname Parko. I happen to have a surfer in my book, Parker Phillips III; he goes by the nickname Pardo. IRL Parko, and Parko's IRL attorneys, I swear on my pup's life I was not aware of Mr. Parkinson until a few months ago.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012 11:21 Jennifer Devore
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Wednesday, apparently, is The Day for writers: according to Twitter's #WriterWednesday (Find Moi there @JennyPopNet) and the plurality of reviews which come out each Wednesday across the Internet. My dear fellow authoress Natalie Wright, of Emily's House fame, hosts her own, midweek roundtable with Natalie Wright's YA: Writer Chat Wednesday.

Each week, she serves us delightful smatterings of friendly, casual chit-chat in the manner of extremely well-researched, contemplative, literary interviews. From up-and-coming, first-time authors hoping to make next week's cell phone bill, to established multi-title novelists with a coveted, brand-new 20th Century Fox TV series, Natalie takes them all very seriously. She offers the moral support and vote of confidence, based in honest scrutiny and without any pandering or sycophancy, that only another writer could understand. Miss Natalie comprehends, viscerally I presume, the continual effort to create and expose said-creations to friends, family and strangers alike, all the while terrified of being slapped down and brushed away, like mosquito at summer camp.

The Darlings of Orange County, and to some extent my Savannah of Williamsburg series, were fortunate enough to be the focus of one of her Wednesday Writer Chats via Skype. As my motto vacillates betwixt "Perky on the Page, Awkward in Person" and "Sic Gorgiamos Allos Subjectactos Nunc" (Okay, that one is The Addams Family motto, but I like it, too. 'We would gladly consume those whom would subdue us.' Yeah.), I was a tad nervous in the beginning. Happily, Natalie's kindness and affability brought me out of my shell a bit and, with a glass of Chardonnay, it wasn't too long before we started talking nude sportfishing, The Real Housewives of Orange County and how, apparently, I was able to bring the smell of a summer's day at the beach, out of Kindle screen.

"Especially, I think, as summer comes up, this is a great beach read. It's a fabulous book to get on your Kindle. You'll be laughing out loud on the beach, so just beware you might look a little bit weird, laughing to yourself!"

-Natalie Wright's YA: Writer Chat Wednesdays

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Sláinte, Miss Natalie :)

Monday, 07 January 2013 11:37 Jennifer Devore
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What's hotter than our Astrid in her trademark uniform of bikinis and Uggs? Astrid in a rat mask, of course!

Any question as to what the hottest couple in Encinitas, California, our very own Pardo and Astrid, (Of The Darlings of Orange County fame: book now $2.99!) will be up to this summer? Pack your Uggs and rat mask, Astrid. It's the annual Rat's Cup in Biarritz, France, along La Côte Basque. Bikinis, boards, booze and the Rat Patrol. Who knows? Maybe the Kia Soul Hamsters will even be there. Now that's a party even our Miss Savannah Squirrel might attend. Maybe.

I spent a month in Biarritz one week. My Viking and I explored the beaches, bars and casinos with frightening speed and agility. It helps to have beaucoup d'euros; but ce n'est pas necessaire. The beach is the beach and a drink is a drink, no matter where you live or where you travel. To quote Ethan Hawke to Winona Ryder in 1994's Reality Bites, "You see, this is all we need. A couple of smokes, a cup of coffee and a little bit of conversation. You and me and five bucks."

Replace "smokes" with "Gin and Tonics" add a couple of rat masks and some bonkers wave action, symbolically speaking, of course, if you're not on the coast, and you've got the perfect day, en Biarritz, San Diego, Washington, D.C., Rome, Nashville, Seattle, Zermatt, Poipu Beach or anywhere your pin drops on this great blue marble map.

Salut, mes ratons! See you this summer!

Friday, 15 June 2012 10:08 Jennifer Devore
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This easy, breezy, beautiful day along the San Diego coast, I offer a delightful surprise, for me anyway: a humbling and downright awesome follow-up review to my Skype interview about The Darlings of Orange County with Natalie Wright. As I mentioned previously, Natalie calls 'em likes she sees 'em. Lucky pour Moi, she sees 'em a far cry from Fifty Shades of Grey. Phew!

Reprinted with permission via Natalie Wright's YA

Natalie Wright

Friday, June 15, 2012

I was fortunate enough to recently snag a Skype interview with author Jennifer Devore, a charming and witty Southern California gal and authoress. In addition to writing novels, Jennifer writes for Good to Be Geek and her own blog. Whatever Jennifer is writing, you can be sure it will be funny and smart. I highly recommend her blogs. Jennifer's posts never disappoint and I am continually amazed at her vocabulary in several different languages. If you missed my interview with Miss Jenny,  check it out here.

Having become a fan of Jenny's writing via her blog, I eagerly snagged a copy of Ms. Devore's The Darlings of Orange County for my e-reader. The description promises "salacious and comical" and this book delivered. I had downloaded a sample of Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy and did not find the book compelling enough to hit the "buy" button. A lot of people must disagree with me, because the book sits atop the bestseller list!

But I was in the mood for a read that is a bit naughty. Nothing too serious. I wanted a break from gritty, moody, YA fiction. If Fifty Shades wouldn't fit the bill, would The Darlings of Orange County?

My answer: Yes! Let's get some deets on the book. Here is the description from Goodreads:

The casually-cashmere, sexy beaches of Orange County and San Diego aren't always what they seem. The dirty little secret here is what it takes to make it. Everybody has a trick up their silk sleeve. Veronica Darling is smart enough to know what it takes and is willing to soil her soul to bring Hollywood to the California Riviera.

The Darlings of Orange County is a salacious, comical and harrowing romp chock full of eco-terrorism, horse-racing scandals, weed deals and the obligatory lipstick-lesbian affair that inevitably leads to murder. It all builds to a mind-shattering, white-knuckled climax in a glitzy, celebrity-stacked Laguna Beach Film Premiere that spells success for Veronica Darling and trouble for her friends and family.Others who like The Darlings of Orange County also like Absolutely Fabulous, Arrested Development and The Real Housewives of Orange County.

The Darlings of Orange County is a laugh-out-loud romp set in Southern California. Jennifer Devore's formidable powers of descriptive detail create a setting so rich, you'll swear you've been there. They say, "Write what you know." It is clear that the author knows the California setting - and people - that fill the pages of this book.

When I interviewed Jennifer, she admitted that it was her goal to write a sexy book (as opposed to her previous historical fiction). The age old moniker - sex sells (just witness Fifty Shades of Grey). But Ms. Devore is a witty and smart writer. Thus, while the Darlings is certainly filled with sex (and wine drinking and occasional dope smoking), it is also smart, witty, and does not shy away from commentary on our culture when it fits the storyline.

The main character, Veronica Darling, is a likable character. Veronica is an author of historical fiction. Veronica watches in stupefied amazement as her own, serious, historical fiction books are backseat to her agent's recent find - a book called My Vagina Loves You by female author Raina Schein, who bares her own nether region for photos that are in book. No surprise, the salacious book flies off of the shelves.

To add fuel to Veronica's growing fire, her lovable but dumb-ass husband, Ryan, goes head to head with a shark during a round of ocean fishing with his friend, Pardo (the fact that Pardo is into naked, Encino Man fishing adds hilarity to the scene). When Victoria's husband makes the Today show for his ill advised shark fishing, Veronica is pushed to the edge.

What ensues is a funny, sexy and witty tale set in the Southern California sun. The Darlings of Orange County is a perfect summer read for your e-reader. But be careful where you read it. In some places, laughing out loud while reading may be embarrassing.

Note: This book is for adults. Due to strong sexual content, I do not recommend or endorse this book for those under the age of 18.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012 07:51 Jennifer Devore
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The Darlings of Orange County - Epub format The Darlings of Orange County - Epub format $4.99

Customer Reviews:

Sea Gypsy  (Saturday, 24 March 2012)
Rating: 5
I can't remember the last time a book made me laugh out loud. This is a must read!!! I've only had the book for two days and i can't wait for the



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