Free Darlings of Orange County for Labor Day: Dana Point Pirates & A Laguna Beach Film Premiere

Thursday, 30 August 2012 17:25 Jennifer Devore

Yo ho, yo ho a Darlings life for you!

Time for one more summer novel! FREE this Labor Day weekend, The Darlings of Orange County!

Chill as a dirty Pearl martini, dangerous as a drunken pirate, hilarious as a Real Drunken Housewife.

The Darlings of Orange County is waiting for your Kindle, PC or iPad, via Apple's KindleApp.

Having become a fan of Jenny's writing via her blog, I eagerly snagged a copy of Ms. Devore's The Darlings of Orange County for my e-reader. The description promises "salacious and comical" and this book delivered. I had downloaded a sample of Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy and did not find the book compelling enough to hit the "buy" button. But I was in the mood for a read that is a bit naughty. Nothing too serious. I wanted a break from gritty, moody, YA fiction. If Fifty Shades wouldn't fit the bill, would The Darlings of Orange County?

-Natalie Wright's YA

Read the full review by author Natalie Wright or watch the video interview about this sexy n' silly tale.


"Especially, I think, as summer comes up, this is a great beach read. It's a fabulous book to get on your Kindle. You'll be laughing out loud on the beach, so just beware you might look a little bit weird, laughing to yourself!"

-Natalie Wright's YA: Writer Chat Wednesdays

"Still in the process of reading this book. Had to stop for a few to wipe up the milk that shot out of my nose. Warning: do not read this book while having cookies and milk!"

-Gregory Allen, Napa Fantasy Review

"Thanks for the love! We are stoked!"


"I grew up in Southern California and every time I read your book I can feel the ocean breeze and smell the salt air. What witty descriptions of the odd nature of the O.C."

-Michele Lim-Sanders, M.D. (NorCal)

"Ch. 60. ROFL!" "Done. Omg! L.o.v.e.! So, so funny!"

-Angelea Bruce, RB Vino & Libri Chicks

"The story starts very-Hemingway, with longer sentences full of description."



Yo ho, yo ho! Free, my friend! Free for you!

You've heard the buzz, you've read the teases. Now it's time to meet The Darlings: Veronica, Ryan, Chet, Tucker and Sugar Belle. Their wackadoo, and sometimes hilariously felonious friends, Astrid, Pardo, Lorelei, Kieran, Caesar, Sasha and Dr. Mandy. If you ever thought a Barbie-murder, an over-the-top pirate and an obsessive-compulsive hot dog vendor had nothing in common, you've never visited Veronica Darling's neighborhood.

The Darlings of Orange County by Jennifer Susannah Devore ...  Act now! Friday, August 31 - Sunday, September 2! Freeeeee!!!!!

Remember, 18+ only, please! Noooo kiddies for this J.S. Devore title!