Political Poparazzi

  • Why People Are Listening to Jordan Peterson
    Suzanne Fields, Washington Times
    Ah, men! This is the ultimate exclamation of women, frustrated, puzzled and baffled by the other half of the human race, forever a riddle wrapped in ambiguity, ambivalence, anticipation -- and admiration and affection. The exclamation has never been static. That frustration and bafflement is once more examined and re-examined, stretched and shrunk, applauded and animated with vigor and vitriol.
  • David Hogg, After Parkland
    Lisa Miller, New York Magazine
    Furious and unflinching, an NRA enemy, an accused crisis actor, and a high-school grad trying to figure out what's next.
  • Amazon Seeks to Dominate Government Contracting
    Jerry Rogers, The Daily Caller
    Taxpayers should be worried that they are paying inflated prices to Amazon