Boobs Are Not Bunnies: JennyPop's Tips and Common Con Courtesy for SDCC

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Cheers, kittens! One week to go! San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) is nigh and America's Finest City is all abuzz. Not only is our lovely beach burg stuffed to its cliffs and cul-de-sacs with not just the usual Summertime crush of les touristes from all over the globe, but also with a healthy, amusing dose of geekery. Bienvenue a tous! San Diego loves geeks!

Be ye a local geek (comme Moi) and didn't get in (ni comme Moi), there's still a faint ray of hope. Local "news" station FOX5 is giving away a pair of badges in this week leading up to the Con; naturally, one must actually watch the local broadcast every morn to learn a code-word. Of course, considering what one goes through for badges, the hoops could be worse than having to endure an hour a day of local news ... maybe. If you are going, local or not, contest winner or no, I proffer a few helpful tips and links to help your Comic-Con be as easy-peasy lemon-squeezy as can be.