Hold Me Closer, Tiny Mulder: SDCC 2018 Prep Commences

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It's Springtime in San Diego, kittens and that means one thing: San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) approacheth! July 19 - 22, 2018 will find Yours Truly awash in cosplay and cultur de pop, more so than usual. Sure, it's still three months off; yet playing the big Con takes prep. Every sweltering, sunny, San Diego Summer year my Con-cohort and I, Eslilay Evoreday, immerse ourselves in all the geeky goodness at the grandest of comic book conventions.

From groggy, early-morning costuming to the quiet and peaceful, calm-before-the-storm, Pacific-view train ride into downtown San Diego, punctuated by a perfunctory café stop and cosplay photo opp at Starbucks Santa Fe Station, SDCC days are chockabock of dorky fun. Shopping, involuntary crowd control, interviews in the SyFy Press room and boisterous evenings in The Gaslamp with Con pals, partaking of Dirty Shirleys and Ga&Ts at Lou & Mickey's, make July in SoCal worth the pervasive heat and obnoxious sunshine.

What makes SDCC the most special, besides hanging for a week with my bestie? Seeing my dorky musings in print, complete with a byline. Each year I submit an article for publication in the Official SDCC Souvenir Book. Fortunately, my scribblings have passed muster with each submission: seven years running and consistently the longest name in the book. (Jennifer Susannah Devore. Duh.) Will this year's article be of publication quality?! Commence fingernail nibbling.

Required to be an historical-retrospective of a given theme - no fan-fiction or fantasy submissions accepted - the article is always a fab opportunity to introduce some 250K con-goers to my writing style, yet also to research, at length, some fave pop-culture themes. Even where I consider myself an aficionado, I always learn gobs of fresh factoids on each new theme. This year? 25 years of The X-Files ... yep, 25 years! Scary. Hold me closer, Tiny Mulder.

On a late-Summer night in 1993, The X-Files landed in some 12m homes. Since "Pilot" aired, X-Philes have bathed in the blue light of nighttime television, fighting the night with two FBI agents far too sensual for relegation to a D.C. basement.

"Are you familiar with the so-called X-Files?"

- Agt. Fox Mulder, "Pilot", S1e1


Not familiar with The X-Files? Keep up with me and you will be. Abyssinia at the Con, Kittens!



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